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Data Warehouse 2.0: Master Techniques for EPM Guys (Powered by ODI)
Co-presenter(s): Ricardo Zoldan Giampaoli, Sr, TeraCorp
Topic: EPM Data Integration - Subtopic: Other EPM Data Integration

EPM environments are generally supported by a Data Warehouse; however, we often see that those DWs are not optimized for the EPM tools. During the years, we have witnessed that modeling a DW thinking about the EPM tools may greatly increase the overall architecture performance.

The most common situation found in several projects is that the people that develops the data warehouse does not have a great knowledge about EPM tools and vice-versa. This may create a big gap between those two concepts which may severally impact performance.

This session will show a lot of techniques to model the right Data Warehouse for EPM tools. We will discuss how to improve performance using partitioned tables, create hierarchical queries with “Connect by Prior”, the correct way to use Multi-Period tables for block data load using Pivot/Unpivot and more. And if you want to go ever further, we will show you how to leverage all those techniques using ODI, which will create the perfect mix to perform any process between your DW and EPM environments.

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ASO Plan Type: To Seek Out New Integrations with ODI
Michael Hansen , Leidos
Co-presenter(s): Trina Nguyen, Leidos, Inc
Topic: EPM Data Integration - Subtopic: Other EPM Data Integration

Be prepared to be beamed up! In this session, you will embark on a voyage that an enterprise took utilizing ODI as its warp core to improve data integrity and efficiency, and reduce the cost of ownership of their EPM Planning and Essbase solution. There will be a brief overview of the ODI use case and how ODI was instrumental in achieving a self-service ASO Plan Type Solution. Discover how Leidos creatively utilized ODI for more than just metadata and data integration, including assisting with procedure calculations, dynamically generating business rules, launching calculations, building alt hierarchies from forms, data validations, and much more.

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